WorldEdit Reference

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1. Type //wand to get the wand.
2. Left click a block to select point 1.
3. Right click a block to select point 2.
4. Type //set to change all the blocks.
5. Type //expand [dir] to make the selection larger.

6. Type //shift [dir] to move the selection bounds.
7. Type //set 0 to remove the blocks.
8. Type //undo to undo.
9. Type //redo to redo.
Selections are cuboids or boxes and defined by two points.

More on Selections
/toggleeditwand - turn on/off wand.
//sel - change shape.
//pos1 - Set pos1 at feet.
//pos2 - Set pos2 at feet.
//hpos1 - Set pos1 at target.
//hpos2 - Set pos2 at target.

More on Selections
//chunk - select current chunk.
//expand [dir] - expand selection.
//expand vert - expands from bedrock(0) to sky limit(256).
//contract [dir] - contract selection.

More on Selections
//outset [-hv] - expand in all dir.
//inset [-hv] - contract in all dir.
//shift [dir] - move selection bounds.
//count - count blocks of the id in the selection.
//distr [-c] - block distribution.

Working with Selections
//set - replace blocks.
//replace - replace non-air.
//replace - replace blocks.
//overlay -
put block above.
//walls - sides only.
//outline - walls, roof, and floor.

Working with Selections
//move [dist] [dir] - move blocks.
//move [dist] [dir] [fill] - move blocks and replace emptied space.
//stack [-a] [dir] - stack the selection.
//smooth [times] - smooth selection.

Working with the Clipboard
//copy - copy selected region.
//cut - copy and remove region.
//paste [-a] - Pastes, -a for no air.
//rotate <0-360> - rotate clipboard.
//flip [dir] - flip clipboard.
/clearclipboard - clears clipboard.

Saving the Clipboard
//schematic save - saves clipboard, main format is mce.
//schematic load [format] - loads the schematic to the clipboard.

//set 5%glass,95%rock - sets the selctions to 5% glass and 95% to stone.
//overlay #copy - overlays with the clipboard.

Tile Entity Data
//replace sign|L1|L2|L3|L4 - replaces sign text with the above lines.
//set mobspawner|squid - sets the selection to squid spawners.
//set note|24 -
sets to noteblocks on note 24.
//set crops:6 - sets to crops in 6th stage of growth.

//hcyl [height] - hollow cylinder.
//cyl [height] - filled cylinder.
//hsphere [true|false] - hollow sphere, bottom at feet if true
//sphere [true|false] - filled sphere, bottom at feet if true.

/forestgen [size] [type] [density 0.0-1.0] - generate a forest.
/pumpkins [size] - generate pumpkin patches with leaves.

Tree Types
-pine (non-mc)

Getting Around
/unstuck - if stuck inside a block.
/ascend - go through roof.
/descend - go through floor.
/ceil - to ceiling.
/thru - through a wall.
/jumpto - to block in crosshair.
/up - go up distance.

Chunk Tools
/chunkinfo - current chunk info
/listchunks - in selection
/delchunks - generation script

//restore [snapshot] - restore.
//snap use - choose.
//snap list [num] - list recent.
//snap before - list snapshots before.
//snap after - list snapshots after.

Super Pickaxe
// - toggle super pickaxe (instabreak).
/sp single - single block pickaxe.
/sp area - area effect.
/sp recur - sphere effect.

/none - disables right click mode.
/info - block info mode.
/tree - instant tree.
//repl - replace.
//cycler - cycle block data mode.
/brush - see next page.

/b s [-h] - sphere brush, -h for hollow.
/b c [-h] - cylinder brush.
/b copy [-a] - clipboard brush, -a to not paste air.
/b smooth [size] [times] - Smoother brush.

/mat - change fill.
/size - change size.
/mask - clear mask.
/mask - set mask, see next page.


#existing - existing blocks only.
glass,rock - only these blocks.
!glass,rock - every block except these block types.

/toggleplace - switch to pos1.
//fill [depth] - fills.
//fillr - fills all the way down.
//drain - drains water and lava.
/fixwater - makes all water into source blocks, same for lava with /fixlava.

/removeabove [size] [height] - remove blocks above you.
/removebelow [size] [height] - remove blocks below you.
/removenear - removes blocks near you.
/replacenear - replaces blocks near you.

/snow - simulates snow.
/thaw - removes snow.
/ex [size] - extinguishes fire, very useful.
/butcher [radius] - kills hostile mobs.
/remove - Delete entities.

/search - search for an item by name.
/clearhistory - clear your undo/redo history.
//limit - set the limit for block changes per command.

/biome - get current biome.
/biomelist - list all biome types.
//setbiome [-p] - set the selected area to the biome type, -p only changes the column you are standing in.