How to Make Super Cool Mods!

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This book will introduce you to the wonderful world of Minecraft modding!

"How exciting," I hear you say to yourself. "I'll be able to make my own Minecraft mod after I read this book!"

You are right, Timmy!

You WILL be able to make an AWESOME Minecraft mod with TONS of stuff like new mobs (friendlies and oh so scary baddies), dimensions (like the NetherEnder), and SUPER CRAZY AWESOME ADVANCED ROBOT MACHINE STUFF GUIS. YAY!!!! COOL!!!! Thanks for purchasing,

btw. We were frakin' broke!


Chapter 1


Welcome! You know what Minecraft is, but did you know what LANGUAGE it was WRITTEN in? WAIT, LANGUAGE? COMPUTERS

HAVE LANGUAGES!?? Silly Timmy Bobby Bill, yes they do most certainly. Wait, how do you WRITE in a COMPUTER LANGUAGE? STOP TALKING TIMMMMMMM. OKAY I WILL NOW SHOW YOU STUFF. Java is the language (programming language) Minecraft is written in. It is super

old, buggy, and ridiculous. What moron would, nevermind. Let's continue. SO Minecraft is cool and stuff, but what is Java REALLY? FOCUS TIM OKAY? BOBBY YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO FART THERE, nvm. -_- okay... let's get started PROGRAMMING LIKE A PRO in JAVA!


Programming Like a Super Awesome Mega Hacker Dude or Something
Chapter 2


So, Java. It is complex. Lucky you, this book simplifies the lang.

x100! So you can program without the trouble.


public static void main compex_why_do_I_have_to_put_this_here.evenmorecomplex blah blah blah {woah brackets where do I use them at} will do something.

I wont tell you what any of the code means, you'll just have to MAN UP BOBBY and TAKE IT LIKE A GIRL! Anyway, I'm glad you liked your first AWESOME lesson in Java programming for Minecraft modifications that are very interesting and cool and thing and ya.


How to Take it Like a GIRL!
Chapter 3


Okay, so now that you know your first Java programming shtuffs, let's get started with how to take program

like girl.awesomeSauce. Firstly burstly, u will liek totes has too ma4k a v3ry liek c00l thing in CamelCase. CamelCase is basically the ridiculous awesome of the 22nd fart. But we'll explain it more later. Wait, no we wont. Go look it up, beeotche. So ya.


Why are You STILL Reading this Sheet (of paper, of course)?


In programming, you have to toughen up. In real life, you don't. By the way (cool version: btw), why are you still

reading this anyway. This is page 13 of 1337. You've got a long way to go, and that just might be a lie. Nvm (cool version of NEVERMIND), .java is the coolest sister a coolSister.java could .java hack. What? No, that cannot be. Simply put, that can be. Y!


Why You'll Never be Good at Life
Chapter 4


You simply wont. It's actually really tough to explain failures as they happen, just like your poopy nuggets

that you had yesterday. What could that mean. Let's think about this now, these kind of "brain thinking cool time" scenes are very good for a young programmer boy/girl's developing mind (see what we did there, haha, developing, oh I love you guts!). So ya

don't eat tacos from the shack of pizza from 1912 and you will be very goodFine.java, okay? Isn't that what you want to be when you grow up, little simpleton? Don't lie, I know it is.

Anyway, this takes me back to the question:

Very good question. Wait, nevermind, the OTHER question.

Yes that one:
Thanks Bill

No that's what I say AFTER it, silly billy. Okay? Gosh (GOD MAY OFFEND PEOPLE, IT IS NOT ALLOWED), that is silly. Just like billy. Am

I correct/right/wrong/nope? Yes I am.

Anyway, that brings me to the question:
Why will YOU, yes you, never be good at life?
Well, it's simple really. It's because you are a simpleton. You see, there is a difference between me and you.

It is that I am extraordinary with my non-simpleton farts, while your farts cleary are simpleton farts (sheesh, you can tell from the smell). Why does this matter in code? Because you ALWAYS have to put the truth variable in your code. What is a variable?

I don't have time to explain, dude. Ask me another time, silly billy nilly hilly rilly simpleton McFartFace combo meal with a side of fries. Anyway, the truth variable is very confusing, I mean, good fart mc good, in code, and good I mean good good good.

Okay, now you got it! GOOD FOR YOU! I'm glad you know how to code now, you simpleton!

About the Author:

He's been credited as the worst author of all time, if he even is a "he" by definition! Isn't that interestingly cool?

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