To Love A Hero...

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To Love A Hero...
Written By Altrofinetune
Hope you like it!

He was the strongest trainer in all of Kalos, having mastered the ancient Mega Evolution; he conquered even Death itself and foiling Team Flare's plan in the process. Moreover, he became champion in almost no time after the incident with

Lysandre and the ultimate weapon, which resulted in the former's death and the destruction of the latter. He had even beaten a three thousand years old immortal king and brought him and his beloved Pokémon back together. He was a hero, rivaled by no

one, not even the heroes of truth and ideals from Unova. And here she was, pondering whether or not she should ring the doorbell of his house to request entrance. It was the day after the big parade Professor Sycamore had thrown for Calem, the

aforementioned hero, as well as herself, Shauna, Trevor, Tierno and Serena, her close friends. Shauna trembled. She was standing just outside Calem's house, the home of the hero, and she could not bring herself to ring the doorbell. She was

shaking from her head to her feet, so much that even the Rhyhorn, which belonged to Calem's mother, wondered about the outside temperature. It watched the small girl pacing back and forth in front of the door, pondering on what she should

do. It occasionally released a displeased grunt, but did nothing otherwise. Shauna still could not decide on her next move. She had harbored a small crush on him ever since she first met him, but that crush deepened over time and grew into

infatuation, which soon grew into deep love. Yes, she was in love with him. Ever since the two watched the fireworks together she was in love with him. The romantic tension between the two back then had completely and utterly led to her falling in love.

But she did not know if Calem felt the same way about her as he seemed more enticed by Serena, who was much more… uhumm… developed than she was. She was always mistaken for a small child but she was about Calem's and Serena's age. Everybody seemed

to ignore that, though. Her bright, child-like attitude did not quite help her cause either. Serena, on the other hand, was a grown and beautiful teenage girl. With wavy blond hair always tied into a ponytail and that skirt which showed

her legs, which made almost every male faint on first glance. Shauna sighed. She had no such thing to offer. What made it worse was the fact that Serena had a crush on Calem as well. She knew, because Serena told her so when the two of them were alone

one time, shortly after the ultimate weapon broke down. Shauna did not have the guts to speak up and admit that she loved Calem back then, because she did not want to stay in the way of her friend's happiness. Her opinion still had not changed, but she

at least wanted Calem to know about her feelings. But that threw her into the situation she was in now. If Calem really was infatuated with Serena, was it right for her to butt in and complicate things? What if Serena ever got word of her confession?

Would the two still be friends? Her thoughts were interrupted by the door suddenly opening. Shauna froze in place. There he was. Sleepily, he watched his surroundings and yawned. He had just woken up, apparently but he was in his

normal clothes. Rhyhorn greeted him with a happy growl. "Morning, Rhyhorn" he greeted back. Rhyhorn grunted happily and went back to sleep. It was now that Calem noticed his friend awkwardly staring at him. "Shauna? Is that you?" he asked,

surprised at her sudden and unexpected visit. "Y-yes…", Shauna silently replied, her eyes shifting around nervously, avoiding the boy's gaze. Calem scratched the back of his head in confusion. What was up with her? This was not the Shauna he

knew, the one that would always greet him ever so gleefully. He decided to not ponder on that any further as he felt an awkward silence arising. "What brings you here?" he asked friendly. "Um…" Shauna stuttered. "I-I guess I guess i wanted t-to s-see you…".

Calem really had trouble comprehending the girl's words, because her voice was a mere whisper. With a little effort, he finally managed to hear her. "See me?" he asked. "For what?" "I wanted to offer you a trade" Shauna slowly calmed down. This

was Calem, her friend, not some kind of godlike being that was about to kill her. Yes, she loved him, but that was no reason to act like a fool in front of him. Her bright smile slowly returned to her face. "As a sign for our friendship" she added and

immediately regretted what she said. "Don't put him in the friend zone!" her inner self scolded her. "Alright, come in", Calem offered her with a gesture of his hand inviting her inside the house. Shauna gulped down a lump that had formed in her throat.

This was the first time visiting his house. She looked around and noticed that it was just a normal house. Nothing too fancy, she found. It fitted Calem pretty well, though, since he was not the type for fanciness. She liked that about him. But she liked

everything about him, so that was nothing out of the ordinary. "Don't stand around" Calem laughed a bit at Shauna's antics, making her blush. "It seems like you're a bit beside yourself today. Take a seat over there; I'm just fetching my Poké Balls from

upstairs". Shauna did as she was told and sat down on the couch in front of the flat screen TV in the corner of the room. Shauna looked around again and noticed something that made her feel even more uncomfortable: Calem's mother was

not around. All kinds of scenarios played out in her head, but she tried to shake all of them off, with a special look on 'tried to' (is that how you say it?). She knew that Calem caught many Pokémon and raised every single one of them. Which one would

he give to her? The Pokémon she was going to give to him was the child of her Chesnaught, her first Pokémon and best partner, who meant a lot to her. With this, she wanted to give Calem a hint about her feelings. She was not quite sure if that would

ever work, however. "I'm back!" Calem called and sat down next to her. "So… wanna trade?" "Y-yeah" Shauna's nervousness was back, but she took out the Pokéball of the Chespin she was going to give to him. "This is a Chespin" she told him. "It

hatched from an egg my Chesnaught had." "It must mean a lot to you" Calem said thoughtfully. Shauna's blush deepened. "Y-yeah…" she replied nervously and gave the Poké Ball to Calem, who took it with a smile and a sincere "Thank you". Then, he

reached for his pocket and pulled out a Poké Ball containing another Pokémon. "Take it" he offered and held the ball towards Shauna, who hesitatingly took it from his hands, holding it close to her. "This must be one of the Pokémon Calem raised with love

and care" she thought to herself. "And he decided to give it to me…" "Thank you" she said, being back to her whispering from before. "Why don't you look what's inside?" Calem asked, still smiling. Shauna nodded slowly and opened the Poké

Ball. A small, orange, rodent-like Pokémon jumped out and placed itself in Shauna's lap, letting out a gleeful "Pika" for a greeting. "B-but Calem…" Shauna stared at the little Pokémon in disbelief. "T-that is your…" "Shiny Pikachu, yes" Calem

finished the sentence for her. "Pika" the Pikachu was obviously proud of its special coloration. It puffed up its chest and stemmed its hands into its sides. "I know how happy you were when you saw it when we walked through Santalune Forest,

so I decided to give it to you" Calem continued. "I'll take good care of Chespin for you, I promise." He gave her another smile. Shauna remained silent as she returned Pikachu to its Poké Ball. She stared at the container of her new Pokémon for a

while. Tears began forming in her clear blue-green eyes. Small sobs escaped her throat, then she started crying. "Shauna?!" Calem was taken aback, by Shauna's sudden outburst. "Hey, Shauna. You okay? Don't cry, alright?" He fetched a tissue

and offered it to her, but she did not take it. "If you want another Pokémon, I'll give you another one. That's no problem at all, so stop crying alright?". "That's not it…" Shauna said between sobs, then she turned to face Calem, who was shocked to see

her in this state. "Shauna…" he said silently, then lowered his eyes. She was still holding on to his Poké Ball containing the shiny Pikachu. He looked back at the girl's eyes and felt something strange radiating from them. He felt the sudden urge to hug

her, which he did, surprising Shauna. "It's okay" he said softly and patted her back to comfort her. Shauna returned the hug and started crying even harder. "Why?" she asked and released herself partially from his embrace. "Why would you do that for a

flat, ugly duck like me? You love Serena, don't you?!". "What?!" Calem finally realized what this was all about. "I don't blame you" Shauna continued sobbing. "I really don't blame you. Serena is much nicer and more beautiful than I am. She is the one

you should be huggi—." "Wait, Shauna!" Calem cut her off mid-sentence and stared deeply into her eyes. "Serena and I are rivals and friends, nothing more" he said sternly. Shauna's tears immediately stopped flowing. She had never seen

Calem as serious as he was now, not even when he fought Lysandre for the final time. "There is someone else I like, she is a happy cheerful,beautiful girl that is always there to cheer me up,do you know who that is?" She shook her head. "It's you

Shauna, you" She embraced the hug and kissed Calum on the lips,Calum returned the kiss to Shauna. But since they were so tired,they fell asleep in each other's arms. THE. END.